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Look after your eyes

There has been a rise over the last 15 years in the number of complaints of eye strain.  The increase has come as a result of more people using computers at home and at work.  Computer Vision Syndrome is the  most common complaint, the symptoms of which are blurred vision or tired eyes. If the necessary steps are not taken in time to protect our eyes, long term damage may occur.

If you find it difficult to focus on distant objects after using a computer, or you experience headaches or dry eyes you need to start taking remedial action to prevent your eye condition worsening. It would also be advisable to visit your optician to rule out anything more serious.  The following simple tips may help prolong the health of your eyes:

– Adjust your monitor settings and position. Ideally your screen should be between 33cm and 59cm from your eyes and the centre of the monitor should be 10cm – 15cm below your natural eye level.

– Check the lighting around the computer. There should not be any bright sunlight reflecting onto your screen. Using an anti-glare screen which is fixed onto your monitor is a good idea to reduce any glare and will block any reflections

– Have regular eye tests. Experts recommend that adults should have an eye test at least every two years.
An eye test will check your eyesight and will also look for signs of eye disease. Other health problems may also be detected during an eye test

– If you use computers for work you may be entitled to a free eye test, paid for by your employer. Under European legislation employees who use VDUs are entitled to an eye test when they begin using VDUs and at regular intervals throughout their employment.  If as a result of using a VDU at work you then need to wear glasses, your employer must pay for a basic pair of glasses or you can pay the difference for a pair of your choice.

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