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Making it big in 2010 with James Caan

Nov 7-8, 2009.  London. Triumphant Events has put together an all star entrepreneurial cast for this fantastic event in London. Make it BIG in 2010 and Make it BIG in the NEW ECONOMY is a two day event designed to give you answers on what to be looking for in the year ahead for you to seize exciting opportunities.

Included in the line-up is James Caan (Dragons Den), Mike Harris (Egg, Firstdirect), Roger Hamilton (Wealth Dynamics), Kevin Green (Secret Millionaire), Penny Power (Ecademy), Feisal Nahaboo (ProBiz), Steve Bolton (Platinum Property Partners) and many others too.

The first 300 tickets are for sale at £59 each. After the hundred tickets have sold, you will still have access to the early-bird rate of £79 for one more week.

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The speaker line-up is world class and the topics that they will address are the questions that entrepreneurs are asking right now – How to Make It BIG In 2010 and In The New Economy.

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  1. Great event Triumphant, I had a great time, learnt tons and met some fantastic people. I always think the measure of an organisation can be seen in the people it attracts to its events, and this weekend I met a lot of people with a lot of heart. Well done and thank you.

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