Micro Entrepreneur Hangout: Marketing mistakes small business owners make

Micro Entrepreneur Hangout August 7: 2014

This Week on Micro Entrepreneur: The Magic of Thinking Small we are talking with Tamsin Fox-Davies, small business  mentor for Constant Contact and all around marketing expert on the Marketing Mistakes that Small Business Owners make… and how to avoid them.

About Tamsin Fox-Davies

Tamsin Fox-Davies is a well known small business marketing mentor with more than ten years’ experience in delivering training and advice to SMBs in the UK and Europe.  Tamsin joined the Constant Contact team in 2012 and advises UK SMBs on practical ways to achieve real business results from online marketing.In addition, she is the founder of The Entrepreneurs’ Finishing School, and the inventor of the Sticky Note Marketing System. Tamsin is an accomplished speaker, blogger and writer, a regular contributor to this site and has also spoken at two of our THRIVE conferences.

You can connect with Julie @juliehallonline or Tamsin @TamsinFD

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You will be able to watch the hangout live on here on this page at 2:00pm on Wednesday and if you’ve got any burning questions that you would like us to answer, please leave them in the comments below.

Watch live here at 2:00pm… the video will be shown below.

Julie Hall and Tamsin Fox Davies

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2 Replies to “Micro Entrepreneur Hangout: Marketing mistakes small business owners make”

  1. this was great – thanks so much – some great tips on here – love the one about finding the opportunities in your mistakes! plus I laughed out loud during the discussion on the 1 in 20 who didn’t like what you did – I had a really nasty and vindictive review posted last year – the first bad one in 5 years – and I took it so personally – wanted to throw the towel in etc etc – and it took my husband to make me see how irrational I was being and that he was only 1 person in the hundreds and hundreds who loved my products 🙂

  2. You are definitely not alone on that one Anna :-), it’s crazy really isn’t it how the 1 bad review haunts us and how quickly we forget all the raving fans we have. I’m glad you enjoyed the hangout.

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