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Lynne stainthorpe

Micro Entrepreneur Hangout: Smart Branding for Micro Businesses with Lynne Stainthorpe

This Week on Micro Entrepreneur: The Magic of Thinking Small we are talking with Lynne Stainthorpe all about branding your micro business.

About Lynne Stainthorpe

Lynne believes in making brand building practical and simple for business owners. She uses a series

of simple processes to define what makes your business different – and bring your brand to life.

She has a keen eye for detail and knows how to reinforce your brand message in terms of style, imagery and tone of voice across your brand communications and marketing materials.

Lynne works with both B2B and B2C business owners. Her knack of getting to the heart and individuality of each business is invaluable and when it comes to defining customers, brand values and personality she is, as one client put it, “Indefatigable!”

Contact Lynne on 07702 381505 or email lynne@big-idea.biz

You can connect with Julie @juliehallonline  / @women_unlimited or  Lynne @bigidealynn

Watch the hangout live here

You will be able to watch the hangout live on here on this page at 2:00 pm BST on Wednesday October 2 and if you’ve got any burning questions that you would like us to answer, please leave them in the comments below.

The video will be live streamed below from 2:00 pm BST

The Brand Wheel


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One comment

  1. Totally agree with branding starts with positioning. I always ask clients who their target market is and what there unique qualities are before I starting a logo or brand design.

    In my own words “A brand is a promise delivered through consistency over time”

    e.g. if your brand font is Arial – use it everywhere, emails, printed material, website etc.

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