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Mothers can operate their own businesses

Women do not need to choose between motherhood and a life in business, it has been claimed.

Writing for Entrepreneur.com, Lisa Druxman, chief executive of fitness firm Stroller Strides, said women are capable of balancing their work and business life.

Although she noted that becoming a female entrepreneur is not easy given the potential time constraints, success can be achieved by prioritising tasks.

“We all have the same 24 hours. So, if we are filling those hours with business and motherhood, something has to give,” Ms Druxman said.

She said certain leisure activities, such as watching TV and browsing the internet, may have to be sacrificed to a degree to create time for business activity.

However, Ms Druxman noted that women in business should be wary of giving too many things up, instead focusing on making the very most of every single day.

Jane Hopkins, founder of Mumsclub, recently claimed that women often find themselves torn between their career and family life.

Alluding to the benefits of home working, she noted that many women find that the logistics of childcare and work “make it almost impossible” to find a job in the City.

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  1. This is interesting stuff. It is always refreshing to find a different approach to something on which most people seems to have developed a static view. I shall be searching for more illustrations and to broaden my knowledge of this direction of thought.

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