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On yer plinth!

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumbled Upon, Bebo, Ecademy. What are these?  That’s right, social media sites that every entrepreneur knows well and uses to maximum effect to market their businesses.  Social media is the buzz word of the entrepreneurial world right now and for a long time yet.

But in true entrepreneur style, a business man found an innovative way of advertising his enterprise to the world. On Monday Scott Ilman, landlord of The Distillers Pub in Fulham, stood on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square dressed as a town crier (including a bell!) and shouted to anyone who could hear how great his business was. In rhyme!

First of all the crowed booed, but then came the smattering of polite applause. Opinions are divided as to whether or not his actions were ethical, or whether he has helped or harmed his cause.  The saying that any publicity is good publicity will be put to the test in the coming few weeks!  Irrespective of the outcome, he will always be remembered for his unique brand of business marketing!

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