Top 10 tips for writing an effective press release

PR in a bottleThere are some basic rules for writing an effective press release that everyone should follow.  Here are top 10 tips for making sure that your press release gets noticed. 

1. Make it newsworthy. Are you solving a problem or fulfilling the readers’ needs?
Pinpoint what that need or problem is and write the release from that perspective. Controversy is always a powerful way of making your press release stand out.

2. Use an active headline to grab the reporter’s attention, try to make your press release active and descriptive. An active headline often has some kind of “call to action” so that the visitor is interested or intrigued enough to be knocked temporarily out of his passive surfing zone. Continue reading “Top 10 tips for writing an effective press release”

Making A Profit At Exhibitions

For small business (and big business!) retailers, exhibiting their products at events, fairs, and exhibitions is a very popular and potentially lucrative way of making sales.
Why only ‘potentially lucrative’ you may ask? Well although this method of marketing products is recommended by many as effective, this isn’t always the case and when the cost of exhibiting is particularly high, which it can be at the big events, unless you are armed with the right knowledge and a good plan, the results and profitability of exhibiting can be a bit hit and miss. Continue reading “Making A Profit At Exhibitions”