Panel: Antonia Chitty, Author of Family Friendly Working and founder of ACPR

Antonia Chitty has been working flexibly since having her daughter Daisy in 2002. She says, “I looked at the skills I had and how I could apply them. A session with life coach Suzy Greaves of The Big Leap as part of an article for She magazine really helped. I’d never thought of running my own business, but Suzy opened my eyes to the fact that people would pay money for my skills.”

Antonia now combines writing non fiction books with running her own PR Agency, ACPR which specialises in PR training for entrepreneurs, alongside promoting baby and child products and services.

Alongside this, Antonia is mum to Daisy, 7, and Jay, 4 and baby Kit. She says, “It’s not always easy running your own business and being a mum at the same time. I couldn’t do it without my partner, David. We both find there are never quite enough hours in the day to do everything, and you may find me typing frantically in the train on the way to a meeting, making the most of every moment I get. But I wouldn’t change the way I work. I get to spend time with the kids, choose my own hours, and be there for events at school. I have the flexibility to adapt if one of the children is sick. Work-wise, I get to choose a range of interesting projects, and still love what I do.”

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