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Phlogging: escaping the ‘tyranny of typing’

In April this year, Nemisys launched ipadio, a new Internet application developed to make phone-logging a lot easier.  Phlogging, or ‘blogging by phone’, allows users to record live audio directly onto the web from a telephone, giving them the freedom to broadcast on the road, in a train, or even in the middle of the ocean!

The recordings can be geo-located onto a map and tagged. The application can then be embedded into blogs, and even integrated into the popular social networking platform, Facebook.


The makers claim that ipadio gives users the functionality of a standard blog, while opening it up to people who are alienated from web communities for one reason or another.

‘Ipadio is a major leveler on the information playing field’ -Ipadio website

Ipadio’s tag line is ‘accessibility’ and ‘inclusion’; a massive 60% of the World’s population now has a mobile phone, compared to a miserly 23.8% that has access to a computer. In addition, factors such as Disability that might otherwise inhibit the use of computers and blogging are, according to its developers, remedied by ipadio.

Anyone can listen to the phlogs, so businesses and organisations could significantly boost their consumer-audiences with this new technology.


Ipadio is touted by its developers as an exceptionally versatile application: a tool for phlogging, data gathering, reviewing, travel-logging and drawing-in business.

Mark K Smith, CEO of Nemisys, the developer of ipadio, is confident that the product will become an Internet staple; he says that the application is set to become ‘the voice of the Internet’. Perhaps it is too early to judge, but if its popularity so far is anything to go by, ipadio may well rise to become a predominating web application.


While standard ipadio accounts are free of charge, businesses are required to pay a fee for a ‘bespoke’ service. But this is a competitive market, and apple has already established their free phlogging service, audioBoo. Although apple’s application is currently only available to iphone users, the competition bodes well and the prospect of free phlogwear-for-all is entirely feasible.

If you’ve had any experiences of ipadio or another phlogging tool,  feel free to leave a comment!

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  1. I’m Mark of the above mentioned ipadio – many thanks for your kind words. One aspect of ipadio that I haven’t flagged much relates to issues around personal safety. My company built the Women’s Aid website and ipadio has some interesting safety alert possibilities that I’d like to explore, for example ipadio can be embedded in Twitter and Facebook – the latter a friends networks. ipadio calls can then be routed to just those environments – i.e. avoid e-mail or sms and leave no tracking trace as it were. There are ideas swimming in my head about how this might help women in domestic violence situations to keep in touch with networks that they may have needed to leave in a hurry. It’s only a thought but I’d welcome comments from your community on this aspect, regards Mark

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