Piling on the pounds in 2009

In January 2009 millions of people will return to work, wishing they were working for themselves. Enterprise Nation, the home business website, has created a four week programme to help turn that wish into resolve. Forget the weight-loss, pound-shedding programmes this January and focus instead on a pound-gaining approach to becoming your own boss. You could be up to £100,000 better off by the end of the year.

In just one month, you can be up and running with a business that will thrive and prosper for the rest of the year. Throughout January, Enterprise Nation will guide visitors through four stages:

• Week one – Coming up with the big idea
• Week two – Research and planning
• Week three – Sales and marketing
• Week four – Keeping it all going

The site at www.enterprisenation.com  will be busy with features, webchats and ‘how to’ guides that will have you up and running before you can say “a pinch and a punch… is it February already?”.

Enterprise Nation founder, Emma Jones, comments:

“What better way to start 2009 than with a resolution to work for yourself. The beauty of starting a business from home is that you can start in your spare time, from the spare room, and on a shoestring of a budget. All the tips and suggestions we’ll be offering on the site will be ones that can be carried out whilst holding down a day job. Our visitors will be able to build up their business and move full time in to self-employment when the time is right for them.”

Starting from home means saving on start-up costs and, on the plus side, building an income. The majority of home based businesses generate an annual turnover of £26,000 – £100,000* and this is before taking into account the average £23,000 increase in the value of a property on account of having a home office in it.

Over the four week programme, the site will offer tips on everything from making a first sale to pointers of where to go for stylish business cards that won’t dent the credit card. Visitors will meet others who have been in the same position – and gone on to realise their business dream – in the Enterprise Nation forums. There will also be a new video series profiling successful home business owners operating in locations from the city of London to the Cornish coast, and in sectors from music to fashion and online trading.
If you want to turn a hobby in to a way of making a living or fill a gap in the market with your product or service, then sign up to follow the four week programme that will see you pile on the pounds with pride.


Emma Jones is a regular contributor to Women Unlimited.  You can read some of her articles here.  Registration for Pile on the Pounds’ four week programme is FREE and involves registering at www.enterprisenation.com .  Registered users will receive a weekly e-newsletter throughout January (fortnightly thereafter) and access to webchats and forums.  Enterprise Nation  is a free resource for anyone starting and growing a business from home.

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