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women unlimited spearhead economic recovery

Press Release: Women Unlimited Help UK’s Business Women Spearhead Britain’s Economic Recovery

Women Unlimited are launching local ‘Business Clubs’ to assist the exploding numbers of Female-led enterprises; Founder Julie Hall says ‘we can’t wait for the Government or industry to help women in business ‘Go For Growth!’

The number of female-led businesses and entrepreneurs has steadily increased since the global economic downturn. The number of women owned businesses has increased from 14% to 19% in the last 3 years.

Julie Hall, Founder of Women Unlimited, identified over 5 years ago that many women were isolated, struggling to make a profit and unsure about what they needed to do to build a successful micro business. Her findings, along a recent report from the Federation of Small Business (1) referring to ‘the power of small business in the local economy’, suggest that women who run successful businesses are more likely to a) motivate, support, mentor and help grow other women’s businesses and b) invest back into their local communities economically and culturally, by creating viable and sustainable enterprises.

According to the Lord Young Report (2), it’s also known that small businesses that use external help are more likely to grow. Outside assistance has a strong and positive impact on the growth of a small business. And with Intuit (3) predicting that the number of personal businesses in the US will grow from 21 million in 2011 to more than 32 million by 2018, the demand for assistance at a local level will only increase.

Julie Hall says “Women owned businesses are exploding across the UK. The government’s decision to focus only on larger businesses is misguided and has left a huge support gap for a thriving part of the UK economy. Micro businesses (defined as 1-9 employees), contribute 20% of all business revenues to the UK economy and yet as a group, they are largely ignored.”

The Women Unlimited Business Club, which is currently launching across the UK in September and October, gives women business owner structured training programmes based around the three pillars of marketing, business strategy and personal effectiveness, and addresses the issue of working in isolation by providing a robust support community to share knowledge and best practice.
Observing the power of Julie’s business support model at the Women Unlimited Thrive Conference, (which is held on International Women’s Day each year), Maria Miller was quoted as follows;

“I’m sure you will find the inspiration that you need to thrive from the excellent work of Women Unlimited” Maria Miller, British Culture Secretary.” (Thrive 2013)

With the explosion of business networks all following the same traditional formula, Women Unlimited is offering something different that is focused on training and growth. The Women Unlimited Business Clubs are a rare and invaluable blend of business seminars, masterminding and valuable connections. They provide an environment that caters to women who are serious about their business growth enabling them to develop their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge while benefitting from the support and feedback of a wider forum of entrepreneurs.

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Additional Sources: UK Gov 2012 Small Business Report

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