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Ravi Gehlot – Advice from a young entrepreneur

Ravi Gehlot, the 24 year old CEO of oneoffice.com, and one of Britain’s youngest millionaires, shares his story of the path he took to success.  Ravi left school at 16 and by 17 he was earning more money than his parents!  He details how his success at such a young age affected his relationships with both his friends and teachers.  His insight into the factors behind the high drop out rate of students at university, and his tips for other youngsters thinking of striking out on their own, are worth paying close attention to.

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  1. Anyone who has ever dealt with Ravi Gehlot’s “oneoffice” business will be astounded to learn that this man is a successful entrepreneur. The business is appalling. I urge you to call one office using the contact details on their site and see what happens…errr..nothing to be precise. No one will answer your call. Why not try filling out their online contact form…just don’t expect to be able to send it – it does not work. In short, the only thing that functions in this business is the online purchase function when it is taking your money. It’s a total scam. I have had no end of problem with the service there – with hundreds being taken from my account and not yet returned because simply i cannot reach anyone there. If you are going to follow someones example there are many other honest entrepreneurs out there to choose from.

  2. Totally agree with the above.

    One Office is a complete joke and stealth charge.

    Only after contacting VISA did I get my money back!!

  3. I totally agree, After ending my contract with them they continued taking money from my bank acounnt for over a year resulting in nearly 600 pounds, sometimes 3 times in a month, and refuse to give me back my money so I will be off to court this month to take legal action NEVER use this company if your starting out and need office services. This man needs proper business experience and customer service. The business is a shambles, different staff every couple of weeks or the same person usually making up new names. MY advice to anyone is if you are thinking or starting up in business and need office services just pay a bit more and go with a reputable firm who will not steal you money. If you search online you will see there are many previous customers who have experienced this company taking money from them and never giving it back.

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