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Relieve neck and shoulder pain at your desk

You’ve probably noticed that running a business involves a lot of time spent stuck behind a desk or at a work station. Unless you’re really lucky,  at some point you’re likely to have suffered a painful or aching neck that no amount of clicking will cure, alongside tense shoulders that lock up by your ears.

By doing a few simple stretches, you can avoid the build-up of stress and muscular discomfort.

Nine times out of ten, all it takes is some moderate stretching.

Remember, the mind and body are connected; if your body is relaxed and in good working order, your mind will also function at a higher level, and time spent working is likely to be all the more effective.

We’ve uploaded a couple of videos to guide you through some basic stretches. Now, get stretching and feel the tension melt away!

With the first video, when you stretch, remember to:

  • Hold your stretches for 15 – 30 seconds
  • Do not bounce in the stretch.
  • Keep the end of a motion strong and comfortable

If you think you could benefit from even more of a stretch, watch one of Esther’s wonderful Yogatic video-tutorials for neck pain here:

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