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Rich Woman Poor Woman

London: June 23, 2010 . Women Unlimited and She’s Ingenious have partnered up to bring you a fantastic full day event designed to help you make more money in your business.

We put this workshop together because both of us see women who are struggling to make money out of their business.  We see women under-pricing themselves.  We see women spending thousands of pounds on marketing and training without having a robust business model before they start.  So we decided enough was enough.  This workshop will help you create a more productive business.  It will help you move your business forward and create more revenue and profit. And it will help you create a business that works smarter.

During the course of the day we be running sessions on :

  1. Go or no go – testing your strategies for growth
  2. Pricing products and services For profitabiity
  3. Systemising your business – making your business work smarter not harder
  4. Productize! Creating Products To Scale A Business
  5. Marketing – Get your brand noticed

There are so many ways that you could be increasing your business income, you just need to focus your activities in the right place.  We will show you different ways you can increase the revenue that comes into your business and teach you how you can take away more.

  1. You will be given simple techniques that you can use straight away to find out where the value is in your business
  2. You will hear high value / low cost methods for promoting your business
  3. You will find out some of our greatest secrets to creating a successful business

This is an interactive workshop where you need to bring yourself and your ideas.  Through changing the way you think, you can create more success and more money in your business.

In this workshop we will help you make decisions that are going to be profitable to both you and your business.

Ask yourself, are you willing to do what it takes to change your situation?

This workshop is for women run by women.  We’re not going to give you a lot of meaningless theory that doesn’t apply to the real-life businesses women run , we’re going to tell you like it is and help you make sense of what you’ve got.  We’re going to help you more forward in your business rather than stay stuck.

Who is this for:

This workshop is for women who are running either a service based or product based business.  It is for women who want to find new ways to make money out of their business or idea.  It is for women who want to be smart about how they go forward with their business.  It is for anyone who is starting their business or looking for additional money out of their business.

Life is about choices…would you rather be a Rich Woman or Poor Woman?

Your trainers:  Julie Hall is the founder of Women Unlimited and Springmedia, a web marketing and web design agency and Cally Robson is the founder of She’s Ingenious! and a coach and mentor to high-growth businesses.


Date: June 23, 2010

Time: 10:00 – 16:00

Cost: £95 and includes lunch

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