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Sharing innovative ideas on ‘how to earn money’ at BritMums!

Sharing innovative ideas on ‘how to earn money’ at BritMums!

On Friday 21st of June, I was delighted to watch Julie take part in a panel at the parent blogger’s conference ‘BritMums’, talking about innovative ways to earn money. The other members of the panel included Helen Lindop who runs Business plus Baby, and bloggers Helen Wills of Actually Mummy, and Kirstie Pelling from The Family Adventure Project.

The session was full of information on how each panelist went about earning money. The parent bloggers spoke about sponsored posts, approaching brands that they’d like to work with, consulting with brands about blogger outreach and using the skills they have learnt and built from blogging, to provide ghost blogging and social media management for other businesses. Julie and Helen Lindop had slightly different ways in which they earn money; Julie talked about affiliate marketing and Helen spoke about training and consulting. These are all excellent and innovative ways to bring in revenue and I wanted to share these and some others with you today!

Leverage your skills

Firstly, you need to look at the skills you already have and see if there are ways in which you can use them to earn money. Are you a good writer who has excellent grammar and spelling? Well then you may want to consider offering your services as a ghost writer, copy writer or ghost blogger. All good ways to utilise a skill set you already have. Maybe you have skills which you have learnt over the years that you could use to earn money from, an example of this is social media management. If you are a natural networker and understand how to network online through social media platforms, why not share these skills with others who do not understand fully how to use social media to build their business and brand.

Share your knowledge

As Helen Wills explained in the BritMums panel session, she has learnt how to utilise her blog and its audience to create a buzz about certain products. She took this skill and worked with brands to help them create campaigns and find other bloggers to help share their products and promotions through blogger outreach programs. This is a great example of sharing the knowledge you have of a certain area.  Consulting with other companies is a good way to show your expertise in a niche, as well as to earn money. Another way you can share you knowledge is to create products or provide training, either through face-to-face or online. ECourses and eBooks are a good way to share your knowledge and help others learn new skills. They are low-cost to create, evergreen and another way to continue to demonstrate your expertise in your niche and optimise your presence.

Sell other peoples products and services

Julie spoke about her success with affiliate marketing during the panel and suggested that once you have a strong list and have built your audience, this can be a very lucrative and simple way to make money. Affiliate marketing is the sale of other people’s products and services for a percentage of the sale. There are many ways in which you can generate these sales, through sending out emails to your email list, hosting a webinar with the person whose product you are selling, or simply writing a blog post promoting the item. The webinar is a great idea, as the person who has created the product will have the necessary passion and knowledge to really shine through the presentation and engage the audience.

Have other people sell your product

Affiliate marketing works both ways. If you have created products and services that you are selling, consider creating an affiliate program for others to sell your products. This is a great way of reaching a wider target audience than you are currently in contact with and an excellent way to build relationships with other like-minded business owners who you could possibly joint venture with in the future. There are many different ways of creating affiliate schemes, such as eJunkie and Clickbank for digitally delivered products and 1shopping cart or Infusionsoft for more tangible products or services. You may receive a lower price for sales this way but you have to remember that you are going to be accessing markets that you would not normally reach, and you won’t have to put in as much time promoting and selling, if an affiliate is marketing for you.

Monetise your blog

This was the main area covered during the panel, and there were some conflicting points of view on how to monetise a blog. The most common ways bloggers and businesses monetise a blog is through sponsored posts and advertising. With Google’s Penguin changes recently, many seem to think that sponsored posts will eventually die out. But Helen Wills disagreed and said that marketing companies simply needed to be smart and think of other ways to use the sponsored post option. Advertising was also discussed and is an ideal way to generate income from a blog, but you need to have a good source of traffic to earn a decent amount of revenue from this option. If you are looking to monetise your blog, having a media kit is a good way to help attract the right advertisers and give prospective companies an idea of who you are, what your blog covers and facts and figures. It will also save you time when you are asked this, as you will be able to send it out straight away without having to rewrite it each time.

So, it was a great panel all round! - Let me know in the comments below if you have any innovative ways to earn money that you would like to share.

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