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She’s Ingenious, isn’t she?

If I said “inventor” to you, what image would come to your mind?  Would it be the one of ‘Doc’ from Back to the Future; all wild hair and eyes, wearing the obligatory tank top, tinkering away in the shed trying to convince anyone who will listen that their invention will be the next big thing?  I thought so!  Well, inventors have just been given a much needed makeover!

New concept
She’s Ingenious is an online membership platform created to meet the needs of the rising number of innovative women starting up new businesses and developing new products.  Launched this month, it is the first organisation created specifically to offer support and advice to female innovators.

Founded by Cally Robson, who also created the Association of Women with New Products and Inventions, she set it up because she recognised the gap in the networking market for female innovators, and with the plethora of resources available for women to promote their businesses, the time was ripe for this type of networking group.

Members of She’s Ingenious are spoken of as a community, which conjures up images of close knit relationships, which is something that women in particular find very appealing. This community represents the growing numbers of women nationwide who are coming up with innovative ideas and using the web to develop and promote them.

One of the unique features about She’s Ingenious is that it while it offers face-to-face networking meetings, it understands that it is easier for busy women to network and keep in touch online and so they have created live web and tele-seminars to keep such women up to date. All who become members also have access to mentors and coaches.

At the moment there is a special 21 day trial for just £1 if you sign up today.  This will entitle you to a free and confidential one-to-one consultation to talk through your new idea and free access to the mentoring clinic.  Thereafter it is £9.95 per month.  Members have 24/7 access to everything She’s Ingenious has to offer such as:

• A discussion forum
• A catalogue of Q&A’s about product innovation
• Insider tips and interviews from other inventors, designers and entrepreneurs
• Online tutorials
• Priority invites to master classes and advanced seminars

If you are a woman with a home based business idea that has an innovative edge; a product designer, an inventor or you are focussed on new internet businesses then log on to www.ShesIngenious.org and start living your dream!

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  1. Cally is terrific, I highly recommend this site! She is just brilliant. We hired her for some consulting work and she blew us away. Check it out and become a member!

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