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Shine4Life – Reflection on 2009

Well what can I say – It is six months since I left full time employment and my life could not have changed much more! Firstly I am writing this article and ‘start up’ blog twice a month which has given me a hunger for writing! I have found myself engrossed in putting words to paper, the images and colours in my head in some way making their presence on paper. Maybe it is because on a daily basis I have found myself experiencing so many different things,a far cry from losing weeks and months in an office, the same desk, same conversations at the coffee machine and the same complaints and whining staff!!!

The change in lifestyle has not come without its problems – I have to say I have found it so hard to work from home, the PC, Cat and the kettle. I have no-one to talk to and no noise around me. This I have found to be the hardest things so I have applied to become a member of The Century Club in Soho – however my application is still pending (while they check if I am respectable enough to deserve a membership!) so I am currently hopping from one Starbucks to another, leaving just as my coffee has been savoured for three hours and just about outstayed my welcome!!!

I have however found a new lease of life, new challenges, new experiences and a wonderful huge world out there just waiting to be investigated. Being an Aries, the fire sign, I have a tendency to ‘go for it’ which has at times got me into serious predicaments – If you have been reading about my IT nightmares this is a great example of my feisty character and the confidence (very often incorrect) that I can do anything if I put my mind to it – however I have learnt in the last six months that outsourcing and delegating to more able people is truly wonderful – outsource, outsource, outsource – its brilliant!!!!!!

As we move into 2010 I have to reflect and thank the great people I have had the privilege of coaching – I have worked with some talented people and can say that there are some exciting things happening in the music world in 2010 when one of my clients is releasing her first album – a dream she has had for 25 years and now finally it is coming true – to be part of this is truly inspirational and I will continue to work with her in 2010.

Shine4Life is growing, is now IT savvy (to an extent!) and looking forward to building many more relationships and products in 2010. Watch this space – we have some great ideas and offers to really help those cloudy post Christmas months sparkle, no New Year’s resolutions please – I want changes for life not just for Christmas!!!!

For 2010 I have decided to set myself some goals – other than building my business and seeking a variety of avenues to allow Shine4Life to grow and develop I have also decided to push myself to places I never dared to go before!!!! – One of my clients (the lady who is releasing her first album) has agreed to swap services in the New Year and she is going to teach me to SING!!! Now usually I would say this is really not a big deal but if you have ever heard me sing you would agree this poor lady has her work cut out!!! Try as I might I have always been tone deaf but this has not stopped me from ‘singing’ to the horror of my partner, cat and anyone who is within ear shot of my horrific screech!!! However I am determined to give it a go and will make sure you know my first album release date!!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and this month I will have two MAJOR events to report on that is again life changing for me – but I can’t let you in on the secret just yet – you will all have to wait!!

I wish you all the very best for the festive season and I hope 2010 is a great year

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