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Social Media Strategy Workshop: May 15, 2012

May 15th 2012. Kings Cross, London. New Workshop: If you only do one social media workshop you should do this one. Having a strategy and knowing what to do and when to do it is crucial to make social media work for you.

Social Media – Is it worth it? As a small business owner you only have a limited amount of time, and you want to make sure that you are using it on something that is going to get results .  I frequently get people asking me, “why should I use Twitter” or say “I don’t get Twitter”; or “How can I use Facebook in my business”; or “What social media channel do you think I should use in my business”. So I decided to run a workshop to help you answer those questions!

The answer to the question “Is social media worth it?” is a resounding YES, but only if you are spending your time smartly.  Social media is not going away.  It is just going to become more and more prevalent as a marketing tool, so the question is not IF you are going to do it, but WHEN.

Like anything, social media needs to fit with your current activities and should enhance them.  You want it to make sense and deliver results in your business.  So to do this, it makes sense to put together a high level strategy that fits with your business.  That looks at each of the different social media channels and decides which one is right for you and how you can get started with them today.

This workshop is for those who are already on social media and don’t feel that they are getting the results that they should, and for those who are keen to use it, but haven’t started (for those that are doing it really well, get in touch, we’d love to use you as a case study!)

What will we cover:

1. Each of the big 4 social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and You Tube and how they are used for business

2. Case studies of where people are using these channels particularly effectively – real businesses!

3. Secrets of how these businesses are using them so successfully that you can apply in your business

4.  Which channels are suitable for which types of business

5. Create your social media plan

6. How to use each channel to effectively engage your customers/ clients / prospects

7. How to integrate the channels so they are working together

8. How to track your social media presence

9. Tools and time saving software that can make your life A LOT easier

As a Women Unlimited reader, you’ll know already that I love social media.  I think it is a game changer and a real opportunity for David to beat Goliath.  Each and everyone of us has the opportunity to stand out in what is becoming a busier and busier marketplace and social media is how we can do that.

Book on this workshop today, and start using these marketing channels effectively in your business.


Date and time: May 15 2012 from 10:00 – 16:00
Location: O2 Workshop, 229 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7QG
Trainer: Julie Hall, founder of Women Unlimited and Springmedia

Some of the feedback that we have received from our previous workshops.

“Really clear and packed with content! Have come away from the workshop fully armed with fresh knowledge and committed to socially network” Tracey Evans, Livvy Designs

“I really enjoyed the workshop – there is a lot of info discussed for the first time which is always a BIG plus for me”

“Excellent content and very thought provoking.  I now have a big to-do list”

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  1. Wonderful tips. Social marketing is the back bone for any business line up.

  2. Can’t believe it, been waiting for this worshop for ages and now it falls during the one week I’m away on hols! Ah well, will be ready and waiting to sign up the next one.

  3. IMO, the most important thing while using social media is; you should be able to engage with the right people who might be interested in your business

  4. Will you be publishing any details of this event afterwards for all those that cannot attend?

  5. There are some disadvantages to getting paid to shop Some of the websites require a fee or payment before you can receive assignments, and these are better left alone.

  6. It sounds interesting, why don’t you do a webinar on that, too? Generally speaking, I think more and more small business will also use social media manager, perhaps from far countries to help them out at a cheap price. I am starting offering this service myself where I live (Switzerland) but, the idea is still slow to get hrough over here. In any case, Your event sounds really dealing with the main topics. I would also include other Web2.0 sites such as Delicious and Digg…

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