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Starting with a single step

Ever wished you could travel back in time to impart wisdom on your younger self? If this were possible there are a few pearls I would pass on:

“Buy stocks in Google. Worry less. Don’t get your hair cut from the mumbling village barber because he only charges £3.50 – the resulting mullet will never be seen as a bargain…”

Though time travel is impossible, it doesn’t stop the past sometimes catching up with you to offer its own valuable advice.

From age old shopping lists to last week’s diary entry, I am surrounded by an eclectic range of documentation written by an Amy of all ages. It was no surprise then, that during some routine filing (procrastination), I found a list of goals from many years ago.

The goals; including starting my own business, were still untouched. Some dreams had been amended to include more realistic deadlines – I now have until 2010 to run away with Bruce Springsteen to a mountain ranch. Phew.

My dreams hadn’t changed since then, so how had I accomplished so little? With a demanding career in online business development I couldn’t see how I could possibly fit any more into my day…

My younger self was shaking me by the shoulders with the answer:

The job had to go.

Four months ago I decided to go it alone and set up my own business. Since leaving my talented team of designers and developers I have had to learn firsthand how to set up a blog, buy domain names, create a website and promote my business online, all on a shoe string budget.

So far it’s been an exciting journey, and now I want to take you with me.

Web Therapy

This series is about passing on my experiences through practical articles that will show you my trials and triumphs and give you tips to help you set up an affordable virtual shop front regardless of your business.

This series is for you, designed to show you what you can achieve without a huge budget or technological know-how. I will respond to your suggestions on areas you want more information on and would love to hear about your experiences as well.

A feature of the series is a regular “Web Therapist” spot. You can submit your site to the “Web Therapy Clinic” and I will do a profile on your website with hints and tips on how to improve it.

This series aims to:

  • Dispel the myth that having a website is expensive, complicated or a lengthy process
  • Give you practical information in a jargon-free format.
  • Show that you don’t need a fully operational business before starting your website. A simple website can develop as your business does.
  • Help in choosing and buying a domain name
  • Show you easy-to-use programs to build a website
  • Help you start your first blog and use it to promote your business
  • Explain Twitter, Facebook and other social media applications and how to use them to market your business

As well as useful articles, I will be sharing my own experiences so you can see what has or hasn’t worked for me. As an anonymous source once said:

“A smart woman learns from her mistakes; a wise woman learns from the mistakes of others.”

Let’s hope there is plenty you can learn from me!

Till next time.


About the Author: Amy Harrison. After training as a screenwriter, Amy moved into the world of online business and since 2004 has worked on small to large enterprises both here in the UK and Canada. Amy left her job in online business development in 2008 to go it alone and now offers a copywriting and project management service. Amy will be offering practical hints and tips about maintaining and promoting your business website in our series of articles: “Web Therapy”. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing about your own website experiences! www.harrisonamy.com

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About Amy Harrison

Amy Harrison is a copywriter for entrepreneurs. In addition to writing for her clients, she also coaches business owners to smash up their sales copy obstacles and get their offers out there. She is the also the author of How To Get Your Sales Page DONE!

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  1. Superb article Amy, you truely are a Renaissance woman (had to find out how to spell Renaissance.. oh well).. I love the fact that you have taken this step.. Soooo COOL.. you go girl.


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