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Can your Powerpoint presentation rival TV advertising?

Do you ever wonder why some PowerPoint Presentations are so much better than others? Why do some have amazing powers of persuasion, while others simply bore you to death? TV commercials use these marketing strategies to hold and fascinate their viewers. You can too, if you follow these tried and proven techniques. Step 1: Kaboom Them Into Waking Up! Ever noticed how most presentations start with, “Welcome to this presentation…blah, blah, blah.” You don’t see too many TV ads do that. They slam into you at a zillion

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10 sites for selling your wares

Whether you’re selling knowledge from your head or products crafted by your own hands, there are online platforms to help you reach an audience of customers and make sales. Emma Jones of Enterprise Nation offers a top ten listing. Business services Are you an IT contractor, graphic designer, business coach or expert translator? These sites are a good match for your talents:

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Embracing advertising

A study – rather grandly named The Media Prominence Study – has revealed public relations are more important to brand value than advertising. Unsurprisingly, the study was conducted by a PR company! We embrace advertising, shout its virtues and offer a couple of outdoor options. Shout it from the rooftops .. and bus sides .. and grassy lawns I do not doubt the value of PR when it comes to marketing your company and yourself. It is sage advice to make friends with the media and keep them supplied with …

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