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Is the internet shaping our brains?

I recently watched Connected by Tiffany Schlain. For anyone who hasn’t seen this film yet, I recommend you download it right now on iTunes as you read this article. It will challenge the way you see the world and your own behaviour. While I didn’t necessarily agree with every point raised, the film made me sit up and take note of how technology (and notably the internet) is shaping the very brains that invented it. It also forced me to question the consequence of now living in a truly interconnected world. …

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How to fool your brain into thinking you’ve already won

Amy Cuddy

Last week I shared my thoughts on Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In… and one of the key issues that many women have is lack of confidence.  As Sheryl says, they don’t put themselves forward, preferring to wait until they feel confident enough for whatever the task requires. In this video Amy Cuddy, shows both incredible vulnerability and honesty around when she didn’t feel like she was good enough (note she is now an Associate Professor at Harvard Business School) and some fantastic advice that she was given by one of …

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