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Ep #22: How to get more visible in your market with Carole Bozkurt

Carole Bozkurt

In episode 22 of Micro Entrepreneur: the magic of thinking small, I had a great time talking with Carole Bozkurt – Founder of The Blueprint Practice. Carole is a visibility strategist, who along with her team, brings a breadth of knowledge and experience of global marketing to small business owners. They offer marketing, training, mentoring and practical strategies to ensure your business is visible in your market place and attracts all the clients you could ever want. I believe every female business owner has the right to be fulfilled and financially rewarded by her …

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Ep #21: Supercharge your business with brand partnerships with Susie Burdekin

Susie Burdekin

In episode 21 of Micro Entrepreneur: the magic of thinking small, I had a great time talking with Susie Burdekin from The Drill Company.  Drill is a fantastic business which works with both individuals and companies, and provides a combination of consulting and business coaching for the various stages of running a business; from foundations for start-ups to building teams, planning change and developing growth strategies and plans. Susie and I talked about how using brand partnerships as a creative marketing device, can help small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs leverage and grow their business. This week’s guest …

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Business branding: Colour – Emotion – Sale

If you fail to engage with your customers’ emotions, you’ll fail to make the sale. Engage with your customer’s emotions through the use of colour. Whenever we buy anything, it is because of an emotional reason. Afterwards, we justify our choices on the basis of performance or price. We like to think of ourselves as logical beings. But really we buy because of an emotional want, a need, a desire. The facts: Fact: People buy on emotion Fact: Colour triggers emotional responses The right colour = positive emotional trigger = sales …

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Business branding: why colour matters

Did you know that colour is the first thing we notice? In fact, up to 85% of the initial perception of your business brand or product is based on colour alone.[1] That’s a pretty cool fact. So, why is this? Well, we like to think we are logical beings, but we will in fact, make purchases based on emotion. Colour can trigger emotional responses, so the colours you choose for your business branding will really affect your customer’s decision to buy. Do you know what effect your brand colours – …

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Mona Lisa Your Branding

Have you mistakenly trained your branding to fall over and play dead? Do you know how to use psychology to create branding that lights up with the voltage of a thousand neon bulbs? And can you play Scrooge with your budget, yet get huge branding mileage? And if so, how? Read on and find out how you can be a Leonardo Da Vinci with your brand! It’s Raining 3000+ Messages a Day! I have a friend. Let’s call him Eugene. Partly because that’s his real name. Eugene positions himself as …

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Give your business the QVC effect

Have you ever watched QVC or any of the other home shopping networks that appear on the higher number channels on Freeview or satellite TV? When you think of these channels (which I urge you to do), what springs to mind? Is it strange gadgets that you didn’t know you wanted and perma-tanned presenters who can talk for half an hour about a lemon squeezer? Or do you think of £359.7million of sales in 2008 alone? Yes, 359.7 MILLION POUNDS (which, by the way, is a LOT of sales..!). Do …

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Ways to avoid brand suicide

A graphic designer spoke to me last week. His graphic design firm — let’s call it XYZ Design — was numero uno in designing labels for a large wine company. Let’s call that ABC Wines. Now ABC wines had some really super wines. They loved the incomparable graphic design of XYZ design, and continued to use them for several of their major brands. This one client alone generated tons of work and income for XYZ design right through the year. Then It Happened… ABC Wines sold out to another wine …

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Brand building for budding businesses

When starting up a new business, hidden amongst all the daunting new tasks you’re suddenly responsible for such as recruitment, taxation and funding proposals there is one very exciting, yet incredibly important task ahead – creating your brand identity and company logo. This is one area where you can really let your creative juices flow and there is nothing more exciting than

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12 fantastic marketing tips for women in business

All star marketing tips

When Julie asked the ladies in the Women Unlimited community on Linked In to share their marketing tips with us, I don’t think she realised just how much great advice would be posted. This is the 6th article in the series that we’ve created using your tips! Don’t forget to check out the advice from the first five instalments. Networking elisicia moore • I think the most important aspect for marketing our business has been networking at the type of networking events that targets our customers and our beneficiaries! Elisicia …

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