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Expressing your Brand’s Authentic Colour Personality

Brand personality

If your business projects one thing and then delivers another, your brand is not being authentic and let’s face it, as customers we hate to be deceived.  Do you know your brand’s Authentic Colour Personality? You know when you really connect with someone and it just feels right, it is their authentic self you are connecting with. You know pretty quickly if what they are showing you is the real thing. It’s exactly the same with your business. Are customers connecting with your brand? Each brand has an authentic personality. …

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Branding : how to build customer trust through colour

If people don’t trust you they won’t buy from you. Using the same colour consistently throughout all aspects of your business builds customer trust and loyalty. We know when we consistently show up in person at (say) a networking event, people get to know us. Over time, if we keep showing up consistently, we build trust. It’s exactly the same with your business brand colours. Using the same brand colours consistently in all areas of your business, builds the all-important recognition clues, that build customer trust and loyalty. Every successful …

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