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Why I closed the WU Business Clubs

For the last few years I have believed whole heartedly in the premise that if you risk nothing you gain nothing. Putting stuff out there and asking other people to buy it can be hard. Very hard.  It’s exposing. It’s challenging. It’s scary as hell sometimes. But without taking that chance, without taking that step… you will never know whether something is going to work or even be worthwhile.  I’m sharing this part of our journey with you because I think it’s important to share the lessons as well as the successes. I’m …

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Are you our next Business Club Leader?

Thank you so much for your interest in finding out more about being a Women Unlimited Business Club leader.   The video above is from our Thrive Conference and features Claire Portis, our Hampstead Club Leader and she shares what it means to be a club leader for her. What is the Women Unlimited Business Club? It combines the power of networking with useful targeted training that helps our members build and grow their business. Running a business can be challenging, particularly if you are doing it by yourself.  And …

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