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5 Ways to boost credibility through your website

Build credibility

What’s the point of your website? Often, if you are a business, it’s to convince people to buy your services or products. What makes people buy? They need to feel they know you, like you and trust you. Which is why you need to build credibility – yay! So now I have convinced you, you need to read this if you are a business and you have a website; let me reveal  5 things that help you boost credibility on your website. Testimonials I know, these can be faked, but …

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7 hot tips for building business credibility

If you want to succeed in business your clients and prospective clients have to believe in you; the more credible you are the easier it is to attract new clients into your world. Once you’ve established that relationship it’s crucial to develop a sense of trust and reliability. When people trust you they buy from you. So here are my 7 hot tips for any entrepreneur or business owner: 1. Make time to get it right One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard was from Russell Simmons the self-styled …

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