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That dreaded word .. Networking! (Or how to put your head above the parapet)

Networking is a word that can instil dread into a lot of people, as it can seem very ‘forced’ and contrived. The thought of having to put your head above the parapet can be a step too far for some. However, whether you work for a company or run your own business, networking has become an expected part of the working world now.

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Defining Your Business makes it Easier to Get Clients!

Have you ever tried to find something when you did not know much about what you were looking for? Imagine looking for a missing person when you have no name or address, do not even know if they are male or female, have no description whatsoever, yet you have been given the job of finding them! What Next? What would you do next? Most likely, you would start asking questions to get a description of this missing person. Then you might look for people who know them and ask more …

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Patient With Business Success

In all the years I’ve been coaching women in business, I’m still amazed at how many entrepreneurs expect immediate success. In business, success doesn’t happen overnight. How many times have we heard about the so-called “overnight success” who waited years and years for her big break? Success is a process that takes time, energy, focused planning and persistence. Don’t Give Up Before Payday Patience in business is a virtue. Many well-meaning business owners give up before their business has had enough time to reach fruition. In other words, many entrepreneurs …

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