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Have an idea for a business? Brainstorm it!

There has been a sharp increase in the number of small business start-ups in the last few years … it’s the one positive that’s come out of the financial meltdown we suffered two years ago. It’s fantastic to see People are taking action to secure their future. If you are one of those looking to join the increasing number of the self-employed, you probably got an idea you’ve been working on and mentioned it friends and family who have given very positive feedback; so you are now writing a business …

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Time does not equal money. The first step to creating products.

How to create products: the first step Create your own product. What an egg-cellant idea! There is a flurry of entrepreneurial activity at my children’s school at the moment. They have all been given £10 and have been challenged to turn that £10 note in to profit. It’s really interesting to see the creativity and initiative coming from them all. The headmaster has told us parents that it is the children’s projects and not an “Easter Bonnet Parade”. We have been warned off from helping out! There’s a group set …

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20 Creative Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Let’s face it, sometimes ideas are just hard to come by. We are so overloaded with things to remember and things to do, that coming up with some newer ways to help promote our business can be challenging. Over the past few weeks, I’ve jotted down some ideas that appealed to me. Some I thought of myself, some I discovered through all of my surfing ventures of late.

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The big idea!

For thousands of people, the recession has been the perfect opportunity to release their inner entrepreneur and set themselves up in business.   These enterprises come in all shapes and sizes from a small business that will benefit a local community to a social enterprise that will benefit communities at home and abroad. Then there are thousands of others saying “I would love to start up my own business…..if only I knew what to do!”  While motivational seminars are wonderful, sometimes you need practical help to set you on your way, especially if …

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