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That dreaded word .. Networking! (Or how to put your head above the parapet)

Networking is a word that can instil dread into a lot of people, as it can seem very ‘forced’ and contrived. The thought of having to put your head above the parapet can be a step too far for some. However, whether you work for a company or run your own business, networking has become an expected part of the working world now.

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Networking – Getting what you want by giving others what they need

Networking - Giving & Getting

Networking is perhaps the most direct way to grow your client base and it can be an invaluable part of a broader marketing and promotional strategy. In fact, if done consistently well, it can be a self-sustaining route to having a lengthy list of happy clients and demand for your services that means you no longer need to worry about where your next client is coming from. I’m often asked by entrepreneurs and small business owners whether networking really works. People say: ‘Is it a good investment of my time …

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Top 10 tips to network your business to the next level

Networking Tips

Last month’s article Why Networking Is Your Most Powerful Business Tool generated quite a bit of discussion on social media (thank you to those who shared their thoughts.) This month we look at my Top 10 tips to network your business to the next level so you can make the most of your networking experience. 1. Find the most appropriate networking meetings for your business It might sound obvious but there is no shortage of meetings to attend (check out Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and Meetup as a start) but you’ll get the …

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Networking with a different attitude: 4 fail safe tips!

Yes, we’ve all been through it. It’s 10 minutes after we were meant to have left for the event but our hair isn’t done, the shoes we wanted to wear seem to have disappeared and where are our business cards? If you are an unnatural networker like me then you may find it just too much and decide that tonight is not the night, go back to the living room and sit this one out. However, if you had a better start to the evening you could find the event …

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Don’t be afraid to try ‘new’ networks

New networks – new surprises! I was a BNI-er (Business Network International) from the age of 17. I’ll admit it; I was pretty set in my ways. I thought there was no other option out there. I was quite young and keeping to just one network meant I didn’t need to try any others. After my third year, having started Amethyst PA, I decided to leave this great network (which had been fantastic for the business) due to a category clash. A year and a half later, I still hadn’t gone to a networking …

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How to create a kick-ass first impression

Women with boxing gloves - create a kick ass first impression

The 5 golden nuggets for aspiring entrepreneurs In today’s economy, where over 1,500 people are being made redundant on a daily basis, is it any wonder that more and more people are deciding to start their own business? Corporate life can feel like a bit of a treadmill; if you’re committed to working hard it can be more fulfilling to steer your own course and set up on your own. According to Barclays, over 470,000 new companies started up in the UK alone in 2011. Great news for entrepreneurs but …

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Is Facebook making you Faceless?

Carnival Mask - is facebook making you faceless

Social media is a great tool, particularly in business. It is also easy to hide behind. Does it takes the place of face-to-face human contact ? When I originally started working in the Image industry nearly 20 years ago, I was scanning the Yellow Pages for business.  Now it is totally different.  We have Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and more, and we can access so much from the world wide web. This can be very helfpul, however it can be too easy to use email or social media and not pick …

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So, does “Female-specific business support ‘stifle economic growth’”?

women and men in business

The comments of Katie Hopkins, Business Advisor, and ex contender on The Apprentice, have been appearing all over Twitter this week. Particularly her quote that, “Female-specific business support ‘stifles economic growth’”. Read more here. It’s no surprise to see her comments generating such reaction as she prides herself on her no-nonsense approach to business and ‘telling it like it is’. But what do we as women make of this latest statement? I am writing this for a website specifically for Women Entrepreneurs and am seeing Women only networking events springing …

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Choose when to step up your networking activity

Women Unlimited delegates networking

There are certain key periods in the year that are particularly well suited to business networking. By concentrating your efforts at these points you will maximise leverage from your business networking efforts to achieve business success, according to Score More Sales founder and business expert Lori Richardson. In the latest of her regular weekly business TV shows on leading online business TV network yourBusinessChannel, Richardson explains why smart entrepreneurs and executives will chose certain times of year to step up their business networking. In the show, Richardson explains that there …

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