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Create Your Signature Business Plan for 2013

Signature Plan

Billion dollar brands become global leaders because their core values and passion for what they are doing extend far beyond making money.  However, I have to say, I’ve never met an entrepreneur who doesn’t want to make money. In fact, I would go further and say that people who do not want to grow their business in financial terms are not running a business but a hobby. You may not want to be a global brand, you may want to be a small local brand that people love because it holds a special place …

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Are you running a business or an expensive hobby?

Bolts of Cloth

If you don’t have a set of financial targets for your business (revenue and profit) then frankly, you have an expensive hobby. That may be tough to hear but it’s time to embrace what you have created and step up! From research we conducted earlier this year of 300 women business owners, 68% of them are earning less now than when they had a job. I think this is such a shame. We deserve to have thriving businesses and to enjoy the benefits that brings, both financial and the feeling …

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Have an idea for a business? Brainstorm it!

There has been a sharp increase in the number of small business start-ups in the last few years … it’s the one positive that’s come out of the financial meltdown we suffered two years ago. It’s fantastic to see People are taking action to secure their future. If you are one of those looking to join the increasing number of the self-employed, you probably got an idea you’ve been working on and mentioned it friends and family who have given very positive feedback; so you are now writing a business …

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