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5 Essential things for ending the year well in your business!

Looking back on 2013

November already! Festive lights strung up in the streets and decorations to buy for the big event at the end of the year.  Where did the year go? As the end of 2013 rushes towards us, and our diaries fill with social events and end of year celebrations, we can forget to take stock of our business. By not doing this we miss out on an opportunity to reflect on the year past, and take time out to understand what we have learnt. What has worked well in our business, …

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3 Essential Questions To Ensure 2013 Is Your Best Year Yet

Best Year Yet

Happy New Year! Hopefully you have enjoyed some time away from work and celebrated the Xmas break with family and friends. For many of us, it’s also a great time to reflect on the past year’s highs and lows, successes and challenges, and take some time out from the mad swirl of daily life to plan ahead for massive success. Taking advantage of the long Christmas break to find some head space and get clear on your priorities for 2013, is a good way to focus your mind and physically clear the decks. It’s …

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DIY Business Review – Copywriting, media releases and marketing collateral

When it comes to marketing your product and services, your message needs to ‘resonate’ with your target audience. What this means is that your target audience (customers and potential customers) recognize that your products and services are suitable for them. By generating marketing messages that are meaningful to your target audience, you are creating ‘brand salience’. Brand salience is not WHAT people think of your products and services but HOW OFTEN they think of them in the buying decisions. You want to create excellent brand salience.

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DIY Business Review – Asking the tough questions

This is a five-part series will help you to ask penetrating questions about your own business and give you the framework to complete a thought-provoking picture enabling you to develop a business marketing roadmap. Penelope Herbert, a marketing and public relations professional has put this programme of questions together to help you take a good look at your business and find the gaps.

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