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Forget the ‘shoulds’ and focus on the wants

Today I was working with a coaching client who is at a crossroads and unsure what direction to take. We all have those moments in our lives where that question arises ‘ what do you want?’ It often seems far easier to know what we don’t want. Or if it is what we want, somehow we are holding back. Perhaps you’ve started your business after being made redundant, or you’ve been in business for a while and now you’re wondering about your next step. As Lewis Carroll wrote, ‘if you don’t know …

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7 simple tips for dealing with customer stress


Last week, at a train station in London which will remain nameless, I watched an encounter between an employee of the train company and a passenger which fascinated me. Several trains were cancelled in rapid succession, resulting in confusion for everyone, including the station inspector, who was obviously stressed. When she was approached by a passenger wanting to know how long the next train to his destination would be, her reply left me speechless. “How long is a piece of string? How am I supposed to know? I’ve got trains …

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We interrupt this blog post – Julie’s in New York for the Stevie Awards!

Photo jerryfergusonphotography creative commons

Our fearless founder is still chalking up zzzz’s in New York – that’s if she’s not too excited to sleep.  Let’s wish Julie luck as she heads off to the Stevie Awards for Women In Business, tonight!!  Julie is a finalist amongst so many inspiring women; we can’t wait to hear about the winners. In the meantime here’s a lovely post from Natasha Cubitt (Managing Director) of The Handpicked Collection  to inspire you to do great things with your business – she shows you how to:- GIVE YOUR BUSINESS A PERSONALITY! It’s a crowded world out …

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You don’t have to make negotiation a part of every sale

I often get requests by sales managers for negotiation skills training for their sales people when in fact upon further investigation their people usually need consultative selling skills training first. You cannot negotiate effectively if you cannot sell effectively first. Both are processes which need to be learned and applied in the correct order. However, over 90% of sales people follow no logical process when selling or negotiating, leaving their sales at risk. Everybody negotiates all the time; at work, at home, as a consumer and as a sales person. For some people it seems easy, but …

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How to handle the business contacts from hell!

Business contact hell fighter

As a business owner, employee or just human being, you will have to deal with many people in both a professional and personal setting. The vast majority of people we meet in the course of business are polite, friendly and generally not a nightmare – at least not straight away! Eventually though, situations are bound to crop up, such as disputes, complaints, sales pitches, negotiations, interviews etc., that are made even more challenging by the fact that the people you are dealing with are not blessed with great interpersonal skills. …

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Will your new product sell? How can you tell?

A local restaurant is offering an unusual flavour of ice cream: The “Fish & Chip Gelato”. You might like fish & chips, and you might like ice cream, but… combining the two??? Surely that can’t sell (I hear you cry)! However, the restaurant is a well-known, long-established seafood organisation. They know their market, they know their range of products and they know how to get their products to their market. So it’s not a huge risk for them to offer something new and unusual. So if anybody can make the …

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Going for gold in your business

The Olympics are all around us. We observe, support and share the anguish of defeat and the joy of winning. Why does the world stop and watch? Is it because we get to witness the culmination of many years of persistence, determination and commitment? On that one day, an athlete will have their chance to put those years of hard work into realization. The chance of realizing their dream (if they win a gold medal) and of achieving their personal best. That we witness hundreds of athletes all having ‘the …

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Feeling Good, Doing Good Things: 6 Ways of Building a Super Self Concept


Confidence. It is that elusive thing that we all want more of. It is the one thing that we know holds the key to success & happiness and yet we seem to have trouble finding and keeping hold of it. Choosing to proactively build your self confidence is probably one of the most important things you can do in a lifetime.  I hope that this article acts as a catalyst for you to begin to feel the most contented you have ever felt in your own skin. Use this self-assuredness …

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Three proven ways to create more time

Chances are if run your own business, at times you probably feel fed up, overwhelmed and like there is not enough time in the day. Over the 10 years of running my own business, I have used three time-saving techniques to help me create more time in my day. I will share them with you here as they help me run my business successfully.  If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and out of control, try applying these techniques now! 1.      Conquer Your Email Imagine knowing that all of those …

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The day I put the start into startup

It is 8.45am on a drizzly and soggy Saturday in June, (got to love the British summertime!) and I am sitting, shivering, on the doorstep of a trendy west end restaurant. Clutching my bag of props and laptop I await the arrival of a staff member to let me in. This is it. It’s D-day! Why do we always give ‘firsts’ a war reference? Maybe it’s Do-or-Die Day! I take a few moments to gather my thoughts and reflect upon the journey so far. The start up honeymoon  I settled on the …

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