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Why Networking Is Your Most Powerful Business Tool – Part One

Powerful Networking

Over the past few weeks I’ve interviewed over 30 successful entrepreneurial women for an article for James Clear’s Remora Method and, ultimately, for the book that I now realise I have in me. The lessons and learning from these interviews have been fascinating and eye-opening and, as you can imagine, the motivations and methods used are as broad and diverse as the women themselves. One message that’s consistently jumped out though, regardless of situation, background, race or results, is the importance of networking. Networking is something I’ve done a lot …

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Dress code: hard hats optional!

Dress code - hard hat optional

For most businesses, the ability to confidently deal with others is a crucial skill. People buy our products and services, and our ability to build rapport with them can make or break a deal. Businesses may rely on a team for their smooth running; great team dynamics and cohesiveness can make or break a team’s performance. Sometimes, however, rapport just doesn’t happen, (or gets broken), and those personal interactions become problematic. Meetings may not go as expected and tempers may flare. Communication may go awry resulting in crossed wires and frustration. This …

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