Wednesday November 22, 2017
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You Can Have It All… When You Believe You Can

Yes, you really can have it all. In fact, there are hundreds of “gurus” standing ready to tell you just what you need to do to qualify. On this subject there are books to read and websites to explore. Perhaps you’ve read/explored them all and here you are still searching for the right path, still on your quest for the secret to getting your piece of the pie of success. Here’s a quick tip. You must first know what it is you’re searching for. Yeah, I know: Wealth – Freedom …

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Times they are a-changing: are you ready for change?

“Don’t criticise what you can’t understand….For the times they are a-changing” The words of Bob Dylan will always be relevant, and will never date, for times are always changing. It seems to some that the change in technology and communication, particularly in the last 10 years are changing so fast it’s almost impossible to imagine what will be our new normal in the next 10-15 years. Change, we all understand then, is inevitable and is

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