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Get Clients: Maximize your Referral Sources!

One vital source of new business is referrals. When a trusted source recommends your business, they are providing their endorsement. With referrals, a great deal of the selling has already been done. You can therefore minimize your efforts and maximize your returns by making full use of your referral sources. Here are 5 ways: 1. Determine your best referral sources. They have been known to come in unlikely shapes and sizes; give everyone the benefit of the doubt! Keep an organized database showing your activities with them. It is easy …

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Some will, some wont, so what … someone else is waiting!

Your first one or two years starting up your own business can be mentally tough.  You start from nothing and then find yourself with one or two clients.  Your confidence grows and you nervously push yourself that little bit more.  Perhaps get out to a networking event or call up a contact or two from your corporate days. Then you may get a few more clients.  Yes, it feels good. But then, your clients cancel.  ”I’m are too busy“, they say.  ”Apologies but I’ve got to go away on business.” …

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Building High Powered Customer Loyalty

It is an accepted fact that it costs more to get a new customer than it does to keep an existing one coming back. Yet somehow companies and organizations keep neglecting the wisdom of a bird at hand being worth more than two or even three in the bush. It is possible to create a very loyal customer base and consideration of the following customer service statistics will drive home how important it is in these modern, competitive times that an organization keeps its customers happy and

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6 things you need to know about writing website copy

Your Website Content

Biggest website mistake?  It’s when business owners spend all their time and energy on making sure the look and feel is right and then try to bash out some copy quickly so that they can make their website go live. Absolutely, first impressions do count.  A picture is worth a thousand words and finding a website designer who understands how some colours have better impact online than others will undoubtedly help the success of your website. But if you spend no more than a few hours

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What are you doing right in your marketing?

“What’s wrong with my marketing?” That’s a question I often hear from clients, students, and readers. It’s a useful query, as there frequently are areas where you could do better at marketing and sales. But while the question “what’s wrong” can uncover your marketing problems, it doesn’t always suggest answers. You may need to ask what you’re doing right. Examining what’s already working about your marketing and sales activities can give

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What do your clients REALLY want?

I was doing some Google research the other day and this little Adwords Ad caught my eye “EXECUTIVE COACHING – most advanced coaching techniques available today”. It made me smile as I wondered just how many Executives in desperate need of help go around saying to themselves (or others) “God, what I really need are the most advanced coaching techniques available”! If what our clients were really looking for were the tools that we use then perhaps a

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