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Clearing the clutter: It’s a question of priorities

pile of paper - clear the clutter

I spent today with a new client. She’s an artist and a businesswoman with a studio-cum-office in her back bedroom. Unfortunately, she’s got so much clutter she can’t even get into her home-office anymore. In fact, she’s got so much clutter that clearing it from her home-office isn’t even the most important thing for us to do. Priority number one is to get the kitchen sink clear of dirty dishes…  …but the dishwasher’s not working properly and she can’t afford to call someone out to mend it. She’s run out …

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A Simple Strategy for Simplifying

  ‘It is preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly.’ ~Bertrand Russell What do you do if you can’t let go of something you own? How do you deal with the “just in case” syndrome, or the “it has meaning” syndrome? There’s no easy answer for letting go of the emotional attachments we put into our objects, nor for letting go of the fear of what we might need in the future. But for me, the answer has been to change how …

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