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Business Strategy Fundamentals

Over the years, I have met and worked with literally hundreds of business owners. At one time or another, many of them have written a business plan. But very few of them have a working business strategy. A business plan and a business strategy are two very different tools. A business plan normally is prepared for a financing partner, either a bank or an investor. The purpose of the plan is to let investors know about the business and its potential for success in order to encourage them to invest …

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What Has Harry Potter Got to Do With Your Business?

The new Harry Potter film – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince- was eagerly awaited as it came out a couple of months ago now. It has been quite a while since we have seen the intrepid youngsters battle the forces of Voldemort and watched as his Dementors suck the soul out of everything … or is it? Unfortunately The Dementors are at work in every business and every organisation.  We have all encountered those people who only seem to be happy when they are moaning about something and continually …

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Is having a business coach a pre-cursor to success?

For some, this question may seem odd. You set your business up, get advice on finance and then off you go into the sunset and make your millions! Well didn’t everyone do the same as me? Make a very impulsive decision to set up and just make it happen because you didn’t want to carry on with the life you had. The life of the hamster in the corporate wheel…going round and round and round until you were positively worn out! If you planned your change in life and became …

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