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Sahar Hashemi – Keynote Speaker at Business Link networking event

Sahar Hashemi, co founder of Coffee Republic, will be the keynote speaker at Business Link’s networking event for London’s female entrepreneurs in October.  A highly successful entrepreneur, Sahar will be sharing how she and her business partner set about creating a brand that would be a major player in the coffee industry…despite having absolutely no knowledge about either coffee or retail! 

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“Leap and the net will appear!” Sahar Hashemi

Sahar Hashemi, co founder of Coffee Republic, shares what entrepreneurship and success really look like. She believes there is an entrepreneur in every one of us; all it takes to release it is a shift in perception. “Dreams only come true when you don’t let a “no” derail you”, Sahar challenges: her success despite being rejected by 19 banks before securing funding to start Coffee Republic is a testament to this statement!

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Sahar Hashemi – Co founder of Coffee Republic

“So many great businesses start up during a recession,” Sahar Hashemi, co founder of Coffee Republic, reminds us.  This is the time when ingenuity reaches new heights and true entrepreneurs find ways of not only maintaning their businesses but of flourishing.  They use economic instability to look for gaps in the market to launch new enterprises.  Listen and learn!

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