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The one thing you can’t forget when ‘Rebranding’ your business

At some point, you as the business owner will come to that evolutionary point known as the ‘rebrand’. For some of you, you’ll come to this decision because you have realised you aren’t attracting your ideal clients, perhaps you feel you have outgrown your business, or maybe you inherited the business or it just doesn’t feel right. Now typically when you go through a rebrand the main elements under review are: 1. Logo 2. Type face (font) 3. Images 4. Copy (the words) But there is something else. Have you …

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Need to ‘attract’ more clients? Here’s how with colour branding!

Colour Clinic Karen Haller

Recently at Women Unlimited we have had a lot of questions from our community, around colour for personal branding, colour for business branding and just all round confusion on the lens we should apply to ‘colour’.  So we thought who better to ask than our resident colour expert Karen Haller.  Here we’ve put a number of questions to Karen to get the inside scoop on colour. 1. Can you tell me what drew you in to the world of business colour? I’ve loved colour since childhood. After I left school I studied fashion …

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