Avoiding the feast or famine trap

It often seems that it’s the destiny of the independent professional to exist in a constant state of feast or famine. Either you are working day and night to keep up with client demands, or you’re wondering how much is left in your savings account and whether the phone will ever ring again.

When you’re having a feast of business, there’s plenty of money coming in, you’re getting recognition for your talents, and your energy level is usually high. But you may also feel Continue reading “Avoiding the feast or famine trap”

The good life – How to breed profitable referrals

It’s great when a contact passes a quality business referral your way.  The lead is often warm, the timing’s good and the sales conversion process is often less intensive compared to a cold prospect.

But how do you encourage your prized contact to procure more than one golden egg?  How can you motivate them to hatch more opportunities for you? Continue reading “The good life – How to breed profitable referrals”