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5 Top tips on making the most of your content

Content Management

Content is everywhere – whether in the form of digital, print or broadcast media – words, pictures or sound. It always was but lately it seems to have achieved buzzword status and a life of its own (and most business owners will be au fait with sites that can help them learn the skills involved in producing good content – e.g.  copyblogger) Happily, good relevant content has always been at the core of excellent marketing. The main thing that’s changed in recent years, is that the market is much more sophisticated, there are …

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Content marketing – the new black

In a world of social media where everyone is a critic, journalist or publisher, good content is essential and it’s definitely the way to your customers’ hearts. Strangely, it seems that the world is only just waking up to this rather obvious fact and everywhere you look at the moment, it’s all about ‘content marketing’ and ‘content generation’. I say obvious because good marketing has always been nigh on impossible without decent, well-targeted, and properly distributed content. Raise your profile and build trust with informative content In the old days …

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