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How emotional writing convinces customers

When you stir the emotions of your reader or customers, you strengthen that personal connection between them and your business. Using emotion isn’t about including hype and exclamations marks, it’s about grabbing your reader’s attention, pulling them in and making them feel that they want to find out more about you and what you have to offer. There are a 3 simple copywriting techniques that can help you stir your customer’s emotions and

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Pain-free copywriting for your website in 5 easy steps

Running your own business or working for a small company often requires you to wear a multitude of different hats; you may start the day raising invoices, spend your lunch break preparing to meet a new client and come to the end the day working on a new marketing idea.  This wide range of tasks is just one of the reasons why your job is so exciting, no two days are ever the same and news skills are always being learnt.  But that doesn’t mean

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7 ways to ensure Your product descriptions sell

Imagine if you could have a super salesperson standing next to a customer every time they looked at your brochure, catalogue or website. Your salesperson would draw their attention to the ways that your products could help them.   He or she would answer their questions and respond to their concerns.  The salesperson would demonstrate your product showing how easy it is to use. The product descriptions on your website, catalogues and brochures should work like a top

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Optimising Your Website for Search Engines and People – Part 2

You want people to find, choose and use your website, not your competitors’ websites. This means that you need to appear high up the rankings on the search engine results pages – ideally in the top half of page one. But how do you do that? Search engines aim to respond to their users’ queries by producing a list of websites that are relevant to the keywords that the user has entered into the search engine query box (e.g. Google toolbar) and high-quality.

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