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Ep #23: What it takes to leave corporate life and create a successful business with Wendy Kerr

Wendy Kerr

In episode 23 of Micro Entrepreneur: the magic of thinking small, I had a great time talking with Wendy Kerr – Business Coach, Mentor and a Corporate Crossover herself! Wendy is the author of two fantastic books: Corporate Crossovers & My New Business: A Busy Woman’s Guide to Start up Success. She is also the founder of Corporate Crossovers and the Accelerator Academy. This week’s guest Wendy is passionate about changing the way work works. She’s on a mission to fuel 10,000 women to create a business that allows them to live the life they love! With a …

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So you want to start a consulting business?

You’ve been working for 15 years in the same area, amassing a great depth of knowledge, expertise and wisdom in your field. You could stay in corporate, climbing the ladder, yet you know deep down that this isn’t really working for you anymore. You dream of more freedom, flexibility and control over your time and work life. You start to talk more earnestly to those consultants and suppliers you use for your work, wondering if you could do that too. Leaving your job to start your own business can be …

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Are you a corporate crossover? 3 Keys to getting the support you need

Corporate Crossovers

When you leave your job and cross over to start your own business, it can be a journey of twists and turns.  At times you will feel exhilarated, excited and eagerly anticipating each day as it presents you with new opportunities and experiences. You will relish the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss. You will love doing the work that matches your values and is meaningful to you. Sadly, it is not always like this. At other times you may feel as if you are taking two steps …

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Have you updated your view of success?

Success is a big word. It’s a word we all know and use frequently yet it has as many different meanings and measures as there are people that use the word. It’s a concept that we use to define ourselves and if we are honest, others. Even with its frequency of use, it’s a concept we rarely update when we consider how successful we are as our roles change and evolve over the years. In the last decade I have worked with many women who have left their jobs in …

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