Wednesday November 22, 2017
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Product packaging that attracts customers

Pop Corn

When it comes to product packaging, here’s something to think about: How would you feel if your favorite cereal came in a plain white plastic bag? Or how about if your favorite perfume was presented in an old hairspray bottle? Even if the quality of the product was exactly the same, isn’t there a part of you that still wouldn’t really feel confident in that fact? Almost to the point that you would rather purchase something else simply because it appears to be more attractive? This shows the power that …

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Will your new product sell? How can you tell?

A local restaurant is offering an unusual flavour of ice cream: The “Fish & Chip Gelato”. You might like fish & chips, and you might like ice cream, but… combining the two??? Surely that can’t sell (I hear you cry)! However, the restaurant is a well-known, long-established seafood organisation. They know their market, they know their range of products and they know how to get their products to their market. So it’s not a huge risk for them to offer something new and unusual. So if anybody can make the …

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Time does not equal money. The first step to creating products.

How to create products: the first step Create your own product. What an egg-cellant idea! There is a flurry of entrepreneurial activity at my children’s school at the moment. They have all been given £10 and have been challenged to turn that £10 note in to profit. It’s really interesting to see the creativity and initiative coming from them all. The headmaster has told us parents that it is the children’s projects and not an “Easter Bonnet Parade”. We have been warned off from helping out! There’s a group set …

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When is the right time to hire a virtual assistant?

I was interviewed the other day by Carmen MacDougall, one of the leaders in the UK Virtual Assistant industry.  She was putting together a book for VAs looking to build up their client list and wanted to find out how I went about hiring my first VA. It was more than 4 years ago that I took on my first VA – someone who helped me with my business remotely, without the need of coming to my office or offering an employment contract. (And no – a virtual assistant is …

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