Saturday November 18, 2017
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Small Businesses Thrive Despite Downturn

One in ten small to medium businesses is enjoying increased sales and is thriving despite the general economic downturn. In the UK it is the hospitality industry – traditionally the first sector to receive the blows during a recession – that is benefiting from market conditions. According to USwitch, over a quarter of restaurant and hotel SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) say that they are doing well despite the current market climate. suggests that this trend is a result of the increasing prevalence of discounts, vouchers and 2 for …

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There’s no business like snow business!

This was going to be an article about how there had been a slight slow start for the New Year for some of us – especially those boringly like me that were struggling to overcome flu – but then how things but how things had thawed and with renewed cooler focus the business ball really got rolling despite the credit crunch. And then we were completely taken over by the snow and its aftermath and that’s much more fun!

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