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How to keep your customers happy (for years to come!)

In more ways than one, the link between a business and its clients is like a love relationship: It starts with a phase of research and getting to know each other, where everything is perfect and new – the discovery of a new product or a new brand With time comes more commitment, which will lead to an official union and a promise of faithfulness – the purchase and repeat purchases of the same product or brand over time Which can then lead to two potential outcomes: Happily ever after …

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How to unlock the potential value in your existing customer base

Customer Loyalty

The majority of us want to build a loyal customer base. It makes commercial sense to our businesses and enables us to reduce our customer acquisition and marketing costs. It also brings reassurance and peace of mind to us to preside over a continually replenishing and healthy sales pipeline. Despite real potential value in their existing customer base, many businesses still focus on new client acquisition in their marketing and business development strategies. Sometimes the focus on new customers becomes all-consuming and ends up being done at the expense of nurturing …

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Building High Powered Customer Loyalty

It is an accepted fact that it costs more to get a new customer than it does to keep an existing one coming back. Yet somehow companies and organizations keep neglecting the wisdom of a bird at hand being worth more than two or even three in the bush. It is possible to create a very loyal customer base and consideration of the following customer service statistics will drive home how important it is in these modern, competitive times that an organization keeps its customers happy and

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