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What Good Are Customers If They Don’t Come Back?

Acquiring new customers is known as ‘front end’ marketing. Winning new customers is definitely an important way to increase sales, but customer retention or getting your current customers to come back to you is equally important. This concept is known as ‘back end’ marketing. Increasing the number of times your customers buy from you is the easiest way to increase sales, improve profit and grow your business. Think about it, it can cost up to six times more to win a new customer than it does to have an existing …

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Marketing strategy without a marketing budget

I recently had a consultation with a potential client as to how our company can add value to his business. I asked him what his goals are and he immediately answered that he wants to be rich and that he believes that his business can  make more money. I told him that we can help his business increase its revenue, and asked numerous questions about his business and customers. From our consultation, I pointed out areas in his business which he wasn’t making use of, that had potential revenue. In …

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Customer service and the three R’s: Respect; Relationship; Repeat Customers

When I started Rentabuggy back in 2008 I had a Unique Selling Point (USP) as I was the only company offering the services I offered. No other business still out there today that I am aware of offers higher end pushchairs on a monthly basis, so I am lucky to say this still remains my USP. In January 2009, I added the Holiday Rental service as an extra line to the business. I knew with this extra service I had added that in time competitors would come along as it …

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The reality of success

I’ve been following Michel Roux’s TV programme on customer service, a subject that interests me.  A motley crew of young people are competing for a scholarship with him. Roux certainly comes across as a very patient and good mentor, but something has begun to worry me here.  It’s something that we’re seeing a lot in the media and it does have consequences for businesses, especially in tough economic times. In at the deep end It’s the issue of throwing people in at the deep end and expecting them to come …

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Tips For Small Business Owners: keep customers coming back

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When businesses do attract new customers, it’s now a lot harder to keep them. The web has enabled your customers to shop the entire planet for the best deals and bulk buys. This means you the business owner must work harder and smarter to keep your customers. Studies show that consumers have a low tolerance for bad service. You can see this pattern

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How to Be the Obvious Choice for Your Customers

Excellent customer service is essential

Business has probably never been more competitive than it is now so there’s never been a better time to give your customers reasons to choose you. Even little things you may not think are important could make all the difference to them. People like to think their needs are different and will gravitate toward something they perceive is made just for them. If you can’t demonstrate what makes your business special, your prospective customers will never see it. The main ways in which businesses and professional services can stand out …

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