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Delegate and change your life for £30

Are you overwhelmed, exhausted, or permanently spending your time on things that drain you? If so, it’s time to let go. Delegation is the one skill that most healthy and happy business owners have mastered. They know that they succeed by putting their time and energy where it matters most while finding other people to do the other things. However, handing things over to someone else is often very hard. Our brains are hardwired to resist letting go of the control and certainty of doing everything ourselves. But try asking …

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Delegate: A Small Business Owner Doesn’t Have to Do It All

The majority of small business owners tend to be running the entire company themselves – whether they have employees or not. Why would you choose to run the show yourself? The common excuses include: –  Not having the time to train someone on the business process –  Not having enough time to explain duties to someone else –  Believing they are the only person that can do the job right –  A fear of losing control of the business Though many small business owners use these as their justification for …

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The control freak’s guide to delegation

Delegation makes the business world go round – and we all need to learn to play our part. Many of us wouldn’t be in business if our clients didn’t delegate to us, and what goes around comes around – so it’s good to ‘pay it forward’. As a Virtual Assistant, I spend a lot of time encouraging my clients to let go of some of their routine admin tasks to free them up to get more of their own, more valuable work done. I have had to learn to practise …

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Your business & you: pushing past the toddler years

Starting your own business is one of the most exciting and nerve racking things to do. Deciding to take the plunge and own a business based on what could be your passion, your hobby and possibly your business skills takes a lot of courage, determination and the acceptance of continuous hard work. This article is about what happens in the years after you’ve chosen the type of business you want to have; the market you want to be in and any other tax or legal issues. If you have not …

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