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Diary of a start-up: Nearly There!

When I set out on the roller coaster that is running my own business in December last year I was determined not to be a statistic. I can’t remember the statistic (and for once, Google wasn’t that helpful) but a large proportion of small businesses apparently fail within their first year. Now, I’m not one for jinxing things, but I’m just three short months away from that golden landmark for my business and (I’m crossing my fingers here) it looks like we’re going to be okay. Read further blogs in …

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Getting used to no routine

Wow what a change! – from a strict routine of, up at 5, gym by half past and at my desk by 7 , to freedom, time, space and the ability to waste a morning watching Jeremy Kyle and GMTV – taking full advantage of the tips about optimum eye shadow techniques and recipes to confuse even Gordon Ramsey. After a few days of this ‘freedom’ I found myself craving some sort of structure again! So back to routine it had to be and starting with making packed lunch for …

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