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You’ve got mail – lots of it

Are you old enough to remember when the Internet was new? When we were just starting to use dial-up connections? The last place I was employed before I set up my business 15 years ago had just one computer with an internet connection. This was in an office of about 15 people. I used to sneak onto it to email a friend in Australia, hoping that no-one would look over my shoulder and see I wasn’t using it for business. How times have changed. I can’t imagine running my business …

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Make your email signature work for you

About 80% of people reading this article use an email signature, but only 5% of those people will use it as a marketing tool. This means that if you can create an email signature that actively helps you  market your business, you will be stealing a march on your competitors in one easy step. Just think – your signature goes at the bottom of each and every email that you send out, so getting this right would give you a lot of

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5 mistakes not to make with your email newsletter

Despite the rise of social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, an email newsletter is still one of the most effective marketing tools available to small businesses today. This is because it is an easy and very cost-effective way to keep in touch with your clients and potential customers. However, because the production of email newsletters is becoming more prevalent, your customers are

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Targeting the customers you can win

It’s back to business after the summer lull and for many of us that means looking at the order book and (possibly) facing the fact that a good sprinkle of marketing and business development wouldn’t go amiss. But like me, do you hate getting on the phone and cold calling potential customers? Do you doubt whether a mass mail-shot will bring you that vital return on investment? Will that ad really set the phone, website and email buzzing?

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