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Reward your employees and reap the benefits

An employee recognition programme is a great way to thank employees for their hard work, innovative ideas and years of service. While an employee rewards programme is generally well received, it’s actually more beneficial to the person/company in charge who is offering the rewards. Companies reap big benefits by using an employee rewards programme.  A well-executed reward program will;  Open the lines of communication Verbal recognition is a good way to engage in conversation with employees and set the tone for a positive relationship. Develop trust Trust is a key …

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Congratulations, it’s an employee!

So, you’ve successfully brought a new business into the world, and it’s growing up – now you could be getting to the stage where you can’t do it alone and need to bring in help. This may be on a full time or part time basis, on a permanent contract or just temporarily during a busy period. But whether you have one right-hand person or an army of minions, becoming an employer gives you a whole host of new and scary responsibilities. Here’s a handy checklist of things you need …

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Practice Uncommon Appreciation

A recent management study revealed that 46% of employees leaving a company do so because they feel unappreciated; 61% said their bosses don’t place much importance on them as people; and 88% said they don’t receive acknowledgement for the work they do. Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, teacher, parent, coach or simply a friend, if you want to be successful with other people, you must master the art of appreciation. I’ve never known anyone to complain about receiving too much positive feedback. Have you? In fact, just the opposite …

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